ZELYSS Funko Pops: 'Cinderella'

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Image of ZELYSS Funko Pops: 'Cinderella'

Favorite Funko POP characters, custom painted all over with acrylics by Zelyss!! Attention to detail is given on every feature (face, clothes, hairstyle), so that they resemble realistically painted sculptures. They ship inside their original boxes.

Each Funko custom painted character by Zelyss, is one of a kind, never reproduced.

Shipping cost: 6.30$ Worldwide.
(Ships by *Registered* letter, with tracking number, 2 working days after purchase).

Estimated delivery time:
Europe: 3-4 days
USA, Canada: 5-10 days
Rest of the world: approx. 2 weeks

Every order gets a little surprise inside :)

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Image of ZELYSS Funko Pops: 'Cinderella'