ZELYSS CAMEO: 'Miranda in the First Grail'

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Image of ZELYSS CAMEO: 'Miranda in the First Grail'

Limited Edition Print Cameo necklace featuring Zelyss' original painting 'Miranda in the First Grail'. Handmade, covered and protected under resin coat (finished result like real glass, shiny like mirror). [Read below for how they come to be]

Necklace chain length approx: 15.74" / 40cm
**Each cameo necklace comes packed individually, in a beautiful gift box**

Shipping cost: 7.5$ Worldwide / 5$ if combined with other items
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Europe: 3-4 days
USA, Canada: 5-10 days
Rest of the world: approx. 2 weeks

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Note by Zelyss on how every cameo necklace is made:
'First I sketch and paint the girl and then photograph and print her on fine art paper. I carefully cut the tiny print and after fine adjustments, I apply it on the cameo base. Despite how time consuming (days to be accurate), I always finish with resin. It is the best finish the cameos can have, imitating real glass as much as possible and giving a flat surface (fake glass domes don't make my girls look pretty). After comes the chain, which can be with adornments or not. Finally, I carefully photograph and list the newborn, and place it inside a beautiful gift box ready for its new home.
The time needed to make these little jewels is really mind-blowing, but things in life don't always make sense. Sometimes love for something takes over and time is meaningless...'


Image of ZELYSS CAMEO: 'Miranda in the First Grail'