ZELYSS originals: 'Lonely Audra'

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Image of ZELYSS originals: 'Lonely Audra'

From the Alphabet series: "A"
'Lonely Audra' is a small acrylics' painting by artist Zelyss, featuring the star of the 'A' theme: Audra. Read her story below.

Materials: Acrylics paints on Moleskine paper, mounted on a *Plastic* (lightweight) ornate frame and varnished for protection. Not real glass, but plexi-glass front. Frame hand-painted by the artist.

Dimensions: Unframed - diameter 5"/12.5cm
Framed - diameter: 10"/25cm

Will ship by post with Registered letter (with tracking number). Shipment cost: 10$ Worldwide

Special offer: Each sale of the Alphabet "A" series, will come with a special FREE gift: one special edition cameo necklace, with an ORIGINAL lover's eye sketch!!
This is a series of themed shop updates inspired by, and dedicated to, the letters of the Alphabet. Currently featured: Letter "A"

Story of Audra, the blue-haired girl:
Audra was a young girl crafted by the Greek gods out of earth and water. Once her body was ready, the Four Winds breathed life into it. She's been gifted by the gods with beauty, grace and desire, but also a cunning and deceitful mind. But the most important and the most desirable gift that she got, was the one she can't escape from: immortality.

Sea is her home and she has lived within it all her lifetime. She used to roam the oceans as a pirate and managed to lure and deceive sailors with her innocent, girly stare. The waves were her music and the sea creatures her family. Noone has seen her for the last decades but she's sure to be hiding somewhere out there, amidst the albatrosses and sea gulls of the seas, planning her next plot.
Friendly advice: if you ever come to meet her, don't be fooled. Walk away! Evil hides perfectly under the finest and most innocent disguise.


Image of ZELYSS originals: 'Lonely Audra' Image of ZELYSS originals: 'Lonely Audra' Image of ZELYSS originals: 'Lonely Audra' Image of ZELYSS originals: 'Lonely Audra'